High interest in calls on Crisis and Well-being

We are happy to share that the European research community has showed a high interest in calls on Crisis and Well-being jointly announced by CHANSE, HERA and NORFACE!  205 and 159 proposals were submitted under the Crisis and Well-being calls respectively. Thank you very much for you great response to the call!  The results of the calls will be announced …

Crisis and Well-being calls – outline proposal submission phase closed

Submission of the transnational proposals under the Calls: Crisis – Perspectives from the Humanities and Enhancing well-being for the future was closed on September 21st, 2023. The results of the Calls will be announced in autumn 2024 after the evaluation procedure. The planned start date of funded projects is end of 2024/beginning of 2025.

Information for applicants from Spain

Please be advised that the National/Regional Eligibility Requirements of Crisis and Well-being Calls for applicants from Spain has been updated. Visit Crisis Call and Well-being Call to check the latest version of the document.

FAQ updated

Due to large number of questions regarding Crisis and Well-being calls the Frequently Asked Questions have been updated. The latest version of documents are available in the Crisis and Well-being calls pages.