Report on CHANSE Transformations Audiences, by the CHANSE KEF team

Report on CHANSE Transformations Audiences


This report complements the CHANSE Knowledge Exchange Facilitator (KEF) programme, designed to nurture knowledge exchange (KE) across the hundreds of people around Europe connected through CHANSE Transformations’ 26 funded projects. Here we analyse the results of 1700+ responses from attendees of the CHANSE kick-off conference in June 2023 to questions about CHANSE Transformations audiences and associated KE activities for those audiences. We consider what KE means to different people, and to trends and omissions in understandings of audiences (e.g., the languages they speak, their perceived degrees of confidence with digital technologies, the contexts in which they work with CHANSE projects, etc). We reflect on opportunities to connect projects together and deepen approaches to audience engagement, as revealed by the data. We also discuss gaps which may threaten the impact of existing KE plans in CHANSE projects, and which limit potential positive outcomes. We conclude with specific measures that CHANSE teams – and wider European partners – can take in supporting CHANSE projects and audiences, and KE more generally, from digitally innovating with KE itself, to developing more environmentally-conscious knowledge exchange opportunities.


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Simandiraki-Grimshaw, Anna, Perry, Sara, and Purcell, Ayesha, 2024. CHANSE Transformations Audiences. London: Museum of London Archaeology.