Rebuttal phase starts on Monday

We would like to inform all applicants who submitted Full Proposals in the CHANSE Call that on Monday 7th of March at 9.00 AM CET the rebuttal stage will start and the external reviews will be available in the EPSS (under “View the evaluation progress of the Full Proposal Stage”)

The deadline to submit your comments to the reviews is on Wednesday 16th of March, 15:00 CET.

During this phase you will be able to address the comments made or questions raised by independent External Referees. Responses should be well structured, factual, and objective (max 6,000 characters with spaces). Applicants are encouraged to use the rebuttal process even if the external referees’ reviews are positive.

Please note that the rebuttal process is not intended to allow applicants to propose substantial revisions to their application. All PIs can see the referees’ comments in the system, but only Project Leaders are able to write and submit their response. Thus, it is strongly advised that project team members cooperate and conduct their internal assessment of the rebuttal document before submitting it in the EPSS system.

Please note that NO extension of the rebuttal stage is possible due to a very tight schedule of the further procedures.

All applications, referees’ comments, and responses to them will be assessed by three members of the CHANSE evaluation panel during the next phase.

The final results of the CHANSE call will be announced in May/June 2022.


If you have any questions regarding the evaluation process or other matters, please contact CHANSE Call Secretariat: [email protected].